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 [Media] Released Military Report of UOR Shooting

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[Media] Released Military Report of UOR Shooting Empty
PostSubject: [Media] Released Military Report of UOR Shooting   [Media] Released Military Report of UOR Shooting Icon_minitimeSun Jan 26, 2014 8:52 pm

A military spokesperson of the ADR issued a DataNet transmission from the press room of the ADR's Demarchy Chamber the next morning following the UOR shooting. The ADR wanted to get all the facts that they knew out as soon as possible.

"A conference was scheduled to discuss the civil rights of the Eosa per a decision made at the Intercolonial Assembly last week. Foreign representatives from the colonies Novalyse - including Alexander Chase, Legislative Overseer of Novalyse -, Cascadia, and the O.M.N.E Corporation were in attendance, as well as officials from UOR and ADRA, including Professor Jeck Hawkins of the ADRA Genetics Committee, Eosene Bioethics undergraduate student 'Rhaetia,' and Senate Representative Clarity Davis.

At some point during the conference, telecommunication signals between the security squads inside the University were lost. Outside squads attempted to gain entry, to no avail. It is believed, at this time, that the systems were jammed by someone who was inside the University. Our surveillance videos show that Professor Jeck Hawkins entered a security control room unauthorized just minutes before the conference began. Four unauthorized Eosa were reported to have been seen inside the hallways of the University, and a security squad of five officers was dispatched to escort them out. The squad was ambushed. One officer was wounded, while another one was killed instantly. Two officers were then disarmed and held at gunpoint. It was at this point that an armed stand-off continued in the lobby and shots were fired.

Everyone in attendance of the conference room was locked inside by a security squad that accompanied them at all times. They were secured, and at no point came into life-threatening danger. Novalysian Legislative Overseer Alexander Chase disregarded the warnings of the ADR security officials to remain in the safety of the conference room, and left towards the lobby where he came into direct contact with the assailants and attempted to negotiate with them. Every effort was made by our security to keep him safe at all times. It was not until the Cascadian representative, who remains unnamed at this time for his personal safety, also entered the lobby through unknown means that more shots were fired in the lobby. There was a direct confrontation, during which Mr. Chase was hit by a stray bullet and the Cascadian representative engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the assailants. Another one of our security personnel was killed before a reinforcing squad of ADR soldiers and O.M.N.E Securion agents gained entry to the lobby and neutralized two more of the assailants."

Surveillance videos were shown of the incident, with the more brutal moments being skipped over or censored. They showed Chase himself walking down the hallway of his own free will, accompanied by an ADR guard, as well as the O.M.N.E agents taking their positions to shoot and the ADR military squad busting through the side door and clearing the hallways.

Close-ups of the Eosa involved were shown. They were all young boys, wearing ragged street clothes. One had a T-shirt on that read "FIGHT for FREEDOM" and another was marked with a tattoo from an Eosene underground movement. "Let us into the conference!" and "These people need to SEE what it's really like!" were shouted from the Eosa before the guards attempted to detain them. It was clear that these were not organized paramilitary assassins, just rebelling activists.

"The surviving Eos is being held for charges of terrorism, murder, attempted murder, and assault. Professor Jeck Hawkins of the ADRA Genetics Committee is being held for charges of unauthorized corruption of a private defense system, and aiding and abetting an act of terrorism. We are investigating any and all other accomplices that had any involvement with this crime. Novalysian official Alexander Chase is currently being treated in intensive care. The O.M.N.E Corporation Securion Division has been expunged of all criminal charges relating to their involvement, and the unnamed Cascadian representative is still being reached for questioning."
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[Media] Released Military Report of UOR Shooting
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