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 [Media/Military/Diplomacy] **Michael Reese Memorial**

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PostSubject: [Media/Military/Diplomacy] **Michael Reese Memorial**   Fri Mar 28, 2014 6:27 pm

A public broadcast interrupted all Novalysian programming and flooded the sector's datanet of the memorial burial of Michael Reese Jr. who sacrificed his life to save civilians during the insurgency of Akrai.  

The transmission opened as a closed casket was draped with the Novalysian colors before loaded onto an open wagon led by two black Stalkers. Behind the casket two soldiers rode Stalkers, after than a Vanguard escorted the parents of the fallen soldier as the caravan moved through the streets.  Along side the casket walked three soldiers on each side dressed in full military dress uniform.  As they traveled straight through the cleared streets of Skyre civilians and soldiers alike crowded the side walks to offer a salute and flowers to the fallen man.  The procession to the cemetery would take an hour, showing how his acts during the Akrai Insurgency spurred a great deal of appreciation and unity among his people against those who attacked Kytreon.  

Combat and Military reporter Jericho Matheson met the procession as the wagon was pulled into the crescent drive leading to the cemetery grounds.  The area was in great contrast to the large reenforced buildings of Skyre, the grounds was surrounded by a ten foot tall POW/MIA memorial wall where the names of hundreds if not thousands lined the wall surrounding unfathomable number of gray headstones of the fallen soldiers.  Matheson stood with his back to the soldiers entering the cemetery drive as he began.

"In late of recent events on Kytreon a memorial burial service for Medal of Honor recipient Michael Reese Jr.  Reese received the Congressional Medal of Honor after he sacrifices his own life in an attempt to save the life of a injured Deyshian civilian- later found to Joan Daxon - who had been caught in the cross fire of the Vanguard and the assailants."

The six soldiers who walked along side the wagon - one could be recognized as Serian who was also present during the attack- lifted the casket from the wagon and about turned at once, marching toward the open grave with Michael's Headstone.  The soldier's father was the first to stand and give words regarding his son's death.  As a veteran of the military himself, he stated, he never thought he would see his own son die before himself.  He applauded his son's actions and said that he would have expected nothing less from the boy, even though it cost him his life.  He went further to say that he himself had reenlisted to insure that his son's murderers came to justice.  Others stood and gave words for the young man that day before the Casket barriers lowered his casket into the grave as a 21 gun salute was given to the Medal of Honor recipient, the highest honor given only to Commanders and Chiefs and those who had received the Medal of Honor.
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PostSubject: Re: [Media/Military/Diplomacy] **Michael Reese Memorial**   Sun Mar 30, 2014 2:29 am

In response to the memorial, Clarity Davis and Demarchy representative Zeth Johnson stood together in front of a somber background displaying an ADR memorial tribute for fallen soldiers.

"It is with great sadness and sympathy that we would like to respectfully address the colony of Novalyse on this tragic occasion," Clarity began. "We share our deepest condolences with you for the loss of such a bright and ambitious young serviceman, and for all of the lives lost to this attack. On behalf of the Allied Demarchy of Reza, we wish to salute Medal of Honor recipient Michael Reese Jr. and all of the brave men, women, and children who endured the fateful events of that day."

"We commend the actions of this courageous young man and his family, and all the others who showed great bravery in the face of adversity." Zeth Johnson spoke, his hands clasped in front of him reverently. "Please know, for the colony of Novalyse and for all of the families and loved ones of those who were involved, that we are in mourning alongside you."

Despite there being one ADR soldier presumed dead in the attack, the ADR did not yet release any identifying information, an official statement, or memorial due to pending investigations. As such, there was no media acknowledgement or coverage of L.Cpl. Wenning.
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[Media/Military/Diplomacy] **Michael Reese Memorial**
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