Earth is lost, and the ravaged colonies in the far reaches of space struggle to survive. We stand atop the Crest of the future.
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 Zeon Fleet

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PostSubject: Zeon Fleet   Wed Feb 26, 2014 10:47 am


"Sieg Zeon!"

Their salute consists of a closed fist resting over their heart, before extending their arm straight forward and angled upwards.

The Colony of Zeon was a very early colony, near the advent of space colonization, of mostly Italian, German and Japanese engineers and soldiers. Zeon and a few other early colonies were very close to earth, within a few solar systems of it. When it went dark, Zeon was quick to act and send a small ship to investigate, its orders were to report back after landing and finding out what happened…it also went dark. A few years after the initial darkening of earth's signal, colonies near it began to go dark. Then stations closer to Zeon, so it made the choice to evacuate the planet. Using their highly advanced A.I and Virtual Reality training systems they adapted to space life incredibly quickly and now have some of the best pilots in existence, though their ground forces are sorely lacking in numbers. They also take a few days to get used to a planet's gravity and atmosphere if they ever go planet side to trade or discuss politics with other colonies. It's citizens now live in massive military carriers and call themselves  Zeon.

They rely on trade with other groups for resources, and most of the time they will either trade their services in war or defense against pirates, or they will trade some of their incredibly advanced A.I technology and virtual reality technology, though the keep the secrets of the A.I personality programing a close secret.

Zeon is a meritocracy, the oldest and/or best pilots form the "Council of Charrs". Charr is the rank given to those in the council, and their current leader is Ricardo Fellini.

Capital ship: Zeon

Flagships: Ivory Wolf, Azrael, Hell Stinger, Lux Lucis, Atrum

City Ships: Spero, Elysium, Srezia, Aerrath, Novaeus, Velios

CULTURE: The culture of Zeon is based heavily on national patriotism and pride. It keeps them together through even the hardest of times and unites them under one banner and goal. The military plays a massive role in art, language, and every other facet of Zeonite culture, as warriors are all revered as heroes. Zeon's golden rule, their driving ideal, is that freedom is worth everything. It is worth fighting, dying, and killing for. The weak must be defended at all costs, and the strong must all be vigilant and ready for blood shed. Much of their art is based on historical battles of ancient earth up till now, they idolize powerful warriors from all periods of recorded human history, working their teachings and strategies into every fiber of Zeon life.

LAWS: Crime is rare and is handled quickly and harshly, depending on the crime. Crime is split into three Tiers.

Tier One: Theft, disturbing the peace, public indecency, and other minor offenses like those.

Tier Two: Assault, breaking and entering, and other violent crimes that do not end in fatalities.

Tier Three: Rape, Murder ((all degrees)), Torture and other 'capital' crimes

Tier one crimes are punished by a certain amount of time spent inside of the ships brig, usually the duration of the stay isn't long but it is incredibly harsh. They are given only enough food so they don't starve, their is no entertainment of any type, they are given a pillow to sleep on and that is it, and if they have a job their pay is given to the people affected by the crime during the offenders stay in the prison. In the case of theft, it can be justified. If the person was starving or wanting desperately for a necessity such as medicine, their time in the brig is reduced and their pay is only cut in half if they have a job. Once released they will be given a job if they didn't have one, and the government of Zeon will help them as long as they can prove they are attempting to fix their situation, if it takes too long, they are given a labor job. Such as routine maintenance, like cleaning, and in some cases are conscripted as low level guards.

Tier Two: Can not be justified and they receive the same punishments as the first tier, but usually much longer time, and they receive a public lashing. The starting number for said lashing is 25. They can not be justified because if two people have a dispute and they feel it needs to be settled physically, they may go to the  authorities and a V.R will be set up, and a duel will be initiated.

Tier Three: No duels, No justification, they receive a public lashing, starting at 75 for these crimes, and after a few weeks inside the brig in solitary confinement to make peace with their fate, they are executed.
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PostSubject: Re: Zeon Fleet   Fri Mar 07, 2014 7:19 pm



The Lux Lucis

The Ivory Wolf

The Atrum

The Hell Stinger

The Azrael







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PostSubject: Notable fighter Squadrons ((W.I.P))   Fri Mar 21, 2014 2:57 pm

The Red Comets

The Blood Angels

Azrael's Blades

Black Reapers

(much more to come)

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PostSubject: Re: Zeon Fleet   

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Zeon Fleet
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