Earth is lost, and the ravaged colonies in the far reaches of space struggle to survive. We stand atop the Crest of the future.
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 Zeon's Arrival (recent history)

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PostSubject: Zeon's Arrival (recent history)   Zeon's Arrival (recent history) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2014 7:06 pm

A girl in black jeans and a loose sleeveless black shirt ran through the halls of the ship dubbed the Azrael. Her name was Sakura Kumori and she was a fighter pilot in the squadron designated the Red Comets due to the red paint and their renowned speed and deadly combat performance.

She burst through the door of a meeting room and one of her team mates was there to meet her. She ran up to him and jumped on him, wrapping her arms tight around the confused german teenager who quickly asked "Uhhh Sakura, i know you're always happy when we actually get to have some down time but why are you so excited?"

"Ricardo found a colony cluster Ambros! When we get there our ships will be able to communicate with them and maybe we will have a place to stay!" she hugged him tighter and laid her head on his chest and sighed "A real home, we won't need to worry about being woken up in the middle of the night because of pirates or hostile colonies and stations anymore."

Ambros sighed and smiled and hugged her back "Thats amazing… maybe now Zeon can find peace… I wish he had found this place weeks ago. Living without my brother Axel has been a hard adjustment."

She smiled sadly and looked up at him, gently kissing his cheek "I know Ambros, but just think. This is what Axel would have wanted, you and all of Zeon safe. Thats the ideal he died to preserve…"



A calm voice echoed in the chatter "Red Comet squadron redirecting to new threat, focus on the rest of them. We'll cripple the incoming ship."

The 25 members of the red comet squadron regrouped in formation and weaved and dodged through the fire going back and forth between the massive capital ships, the other fighters, and the massive pirate fleet that had come at them out of the blue.

"Axel, how do you want us to hit this thing?"

"Ambros, pay attention. Thats a barge class assault frigate, it has a massive rail gun on the front. All you guys need to do is hold off the fighters defending it and me and Siria can take it down." When he said its name the small A.I's voice came from his gauntlet and said "Don't worry about us guys, we've got this down."

They moved close to the vessel and began to see the enemy fighters scramble, there was at least twice the number of their squadron.

"Uhhh Axel, they outnumber us at least 2 to 1" Sakura said a bit frightened.

Axel chuckled for a second "Then it's an even fight."

The ships of Zeon moved with incredible speed and maneuverability that baffled the pirates, the 25 xeon pilots out flew and out classed the fleet of pirates by an incredible margin.

"Axel!" the voice of a communications officer rang out over the com system

"Whats up?"

"The rain gun is winding up! It'll be able to fire soon, if it fires it'll rip the Azrael apart! You need to take it down now!"

"Axel need the blood angels?" Ricardo's voice entered the com system, his own squadron had finished with a capital ship, leaving it crippled and slowly tearing itself apart due to the few gaping holes they left in it.

Axel chuckled "Not at all Charr Fellini. The Red Comets have this handled."

On his way to the rail gun Axel took a few small hits but nothing at all dangerous, just scrapes and scratches across the fighter's paint.

At this point the rail gun had already charged and was about to fire, Axel quickly moved and lined up a shot with the one explosive missile like round he had on his fighter. Just as he was about to shoot it he heard a strange clicking sound and Siria says panicked "Uhhh Axel the firing mechanism jammed!"

Axel swore under his breath "God dammit, that last hit must have screwed with the launcher…"

he heard people over the com "The gun is about to fire! where are the red comets!? why isn't it down yet! Quickly evacuate the ship, we can't lose that many people!"

Axel sighed "Siria, send yourself back to my quarters."

Siria gasped "Axel no! You can't! Just call someone else over to take it out!"

Axel shook his head "They wouldn't get here before the projectile launched. Download back to the room."

Siria sighed "Alright…as you command Axel. I'll miss you."

Axel smiled "I'll miss you too Siria." Axel heard the tone that meant the A.I had transmitted back to the room and turned on his com for the rest of the squad to hear" Ambros, you're in charge now. Everyone pull back to the Azrael, my explosives jammed and their armed and ready to go. Im taking this down to save the ship."

Ambros shouted "No! Axel I'm on my way."

Axel yelled back "DO NOT DISOBEY A DIRECT ORDER! You'd never make it in time. Sakura take care of my baby brother. Sieg Zeon."

He signed off and looked at the ship and spoke to himself "People like you don't belong here…you're not needed here in outer space!" and punched it, and at full speed with the explosives set to go rammed directly into rail gun of the ship just as it began to launch. the explosion caused the rail gun to destabilize and backfire, destroying the entire flagship with it. The pirates were defeated and Zeon was safe, due to the sacrifice of Axel, the leader of the Red Comet squadron. A few weeks later, Sakura heard the news that Ricardo had found Crest.

Ambros walked into the bridge of the Zeon, his squad had been stationed there instead of the Azrael shortly after the battle. he walked up to Fellini, who smiled at him.

"How are you holding up?"

Ambros shrugged "Im doing alright, Axel was always ready to die for Zeon, so am i. Its our duty to our people."

Ricardo nodded "I suppose it is. We should be arriving at Crest soon, i would contact them now but we haven't been able to repair our long range communications since that pirate attack, should be cause for some interesting diplomacy."

Ambros sighed and chuckled "Don't start a war Charr Fellini."

Ricardo laughed "Thats the last thing Zeon would want at this point."

Ambros nodded "I…I wonder if we'd be able to have a planet, I'd like to be able to visit a real world for leave sometimes."

Ricardo nodded "Maybe, It would be a good thing to have a home to stop for repairs, and when we put out the call for anyone who wants to join Zeon, we won't have the over crowding issue again. Thats why Szrezia looks so thrown together, had to build that thing quick."

Ambros chuckled "What will you call it? If we find a planet i mean."

Ricardo thought for a moment and sighed "Thats a damn big if sadly… and I'd name it after the one man i know, who has saved thousands of lives, by one selfless act. I've been thinking about the name, and I think Axelias sounds like a good planet name. Don't you?"

Ambros smiled and put a hand on Ricardo's shoulder and nodded "I do…thank you Ricardo…He'd be so honored you think so highly of him."

Ricardo nodded "Axel was a good man, and a honorable warrior. He deserves nothing less than the best honor."
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PostSubject: Re: Zeon's Arrival (recent history)   Zeon's Arrival (recent history) Icon_minitimeMon Mar 17, 2014 9:39 pm

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Zeon's Arrival (recent history)
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