Earth is lost, and the ravaged colonies in the far reaches of space struggle to survive. We stand atop the Crest of the future.
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 Region Information

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This is a quick reference for all of the regions listed in this category in alphabetical order. For more specific information about regions in the territory of a colony, check that colony's factbook.

Cities, Planets, and Systems

Azure-99 (planet): Home of the Cascadian colony. A large planet with an atmosphere similar to Earth, but with a very strong magnetic field, very high pressure, intensely powerful storms, frequent bombardment by meteors, and life-supporting conditions limited to the area around the equator. Cascadia has many deep canyons, thermal vents, and glowing fissures on its surface which are known for their role in creating the metal cascadium. The planet is orbited by three uninhabitable moons.

Canaan (system): Neutral region. Home to Deysha-II and several uninhabitable planets.

Cascadia (planet): Home of the planet Azure-99 and colony Cascadia.

Duna City (city): Found in the northern hemisphere of Deysha-II, this city is a more seedy glimpse into the underbelly of the planet where its liberal laws, frequent trade traffic, and lax interplanetary regulations have allowed the growth of crime.

Eli (system): Contains Eli-3 and several other barren planets, moons, and asteroids.

Eli-3 (planet): Home of the colony O.M.N.E Corporation. Rocky, barren, cold, and desolate mining planet which is devoid of almost all natural life except for incredibly hardy mosses. There is no source of water above the surface; it is all frozen or found in a few rare hot springs within the planet's crust. Temperatures average at 32F in the day, and often go below zero at night.

Deysha-II (planet): Neutral life-supporting planet in the Gideon system, which contains Tyton, Duna City, and Trader's Point. Extremely popular hub for trading, meeting, and vacation. Serves as the base for many interplanetary organizations, such as I.D.E.A and the Assembly. Has an extremely tolerable and warm/temperate climate with mild environmental conditions, beautifully vibrant blue oceans, and miles upon miles of charming beaches and coastlines. Temperatures average at 70-80F, and very rarely drop below 40F, even at night.

Novalyse (planet): In the Khryses system. Home of the colony Novalyse. Fairly hospitable conditions across the one continent featuring deserts, plains, and sparse woodlands which is creased with large rivers. Inhabited by a wide range of dangerous and aggressive wildlife, most of which is deadly to humans.

Khryses (system): Contains Novalyse, and possibly other life-supporting planets.

Reza (planet): Full name Renascus-Zeta I. Home of the colony A.D.R. Temperate planet that supports a huge abundance of plant and animal life, at a level of evolution roughly similar to early Mesozoic/Cenozoic Earth. Base of the prestigious A.D.R.A, or Rezaian Academy, and its many research establishments.

Rescenta (moon): Orbits the planet Reza. Mostly colonized with A.D.R stations and lunaculture facilities. Slightly more hospitable environment than Earth's moon, but still dangerous. Home of the University of Rescenta, a world-renowned college maintained by the A.D.R.

Skyre (capitol city): The capitol city of Novalyse in the Khryses system is a massive cybernetic metropolis. The central building which houses the head officials and legislators is surrounded by walls which separate it from the rest of the city in case of a crisis.

Trader's Point (port city): The main trading hub of Deysha-II and the Canaan system. If you want to buy, sell, trade, lease, or rent it, you can probably find it here.

Tyton (capitol city): The largest city on Deysha-II, and one of the most populated modern city of any neutral region. It serves as the base of many intercolonial and interplanetary organizations such as I.D.E.A and the Assembly Chamber.
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Region Information
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