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 Novalyse Bestiary

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PostSubject: Novalyse Bestiary   Sat Sep 03, 2016 10:36 pm


"Desert Demon"

The Desert Demons are a pride animal, similar to lions which are generally led by one dominate male over a number of females. The male is often responsible for guarding the territory of the pride as well as keeping his offspring alive to continue his genes. The females are skilled hunters, often working in pairs, and bring down any size prey with ease. Desert Demons are carnivores and prey on any living creature.


The Stalker is a pack based animal similar to wolves. Led by the alpha breeding pair, these creatures are extremely dangerous. They hunt in packs or three or more however, more than one set of tracks is almost never found. It is assumed that the Stalkers follow the footprints of the one before it to hide their numbers however, this has yet to be proven.



Desert Arachnid

These carnivorous spiders are rather small compared to the other creatures on Novalyse, ranging from 1-10 inches in length however that does not take away from their ferocious demeanor. These spider-like creatures are venomous amongst the other dangers they pose to humans, with jaws measuring nearly half of their body length they latch onto their victims and grind through their flesh, injecting a deadly venom as well as digestive enzymes into the bloodstream around the wound. If these wounds go untreated the prey may suffer lose of entire limbs as well as organ shut down from the venom itself, after which the Arachnids will track the scent of the dissolving flesh and consume the remains of its victim.



Domesticated Breeds

Domestic Glider

Domestic Stalker
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Novalyse Bestiary
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