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 Shyla's Single Characters

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Kytheria (Eos): Free Eos living in Duna City working on the streets to provide for her young newborn. (See Duna City Crips)

Serana Kage (Novalysian): Daughter of Auron Kage, currently resides in Deysha II in the city of Duna. (See Duna City Crips)

Connor Lawrence (Novalysian):
Appearance- Connor is somewhat tall with dusk blonde hair cut at about shoulder length.

Background- After his parent's death Connor was sent to Deysha where he now resides. He's a year older than everyone else in his class as he dropped out of school for a year due to severe bullying. Since then Connor has invested a lot of his time to learning martial arts which he used to end the cycle of bullying he was subjected to the year prior.
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Shyla's Single Characters
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