Earth is lost, and the ravaged colonies in the far reaches of space struggle to survive. We stand atop the Crest of the future.
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 [Media] The Beaches are OPEN!!

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PostSubject: [Media] The Beaches are OPEN!!   Sun Mar 30, 2014 3:51 pm

A datanet wide  broadcast would go out from Cascadia.
Starting off with fly over clips of beautiful beach views and a few underwater shots of amazing coral reefs.  

the camera then seems to  fly out of the water  getting steadily farther away before revealing  a huge and beautiful  resort

The camera does several fly by's of the resort  showing the pristine crystal blue waters, the almost jungle like forest nestled  among the shimmering resort buildings, the camera does several spins, the setting changing slightly, with it being night at the same resort  flying through the streets shoiwng scenes of the vibrant nightlife dinner theaters, movie houses  street vendors, shopping the latest VR arcades  and attractions. the camera slowly floats upwards  into space showing the  cascadian resort space port with shipes from  every colony plus  private type space yachts  and then turning toward Asure 99 and then fading to black with a single Sentence appearing::

The Beaches are open, make your reservation today
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O.M.N.E Corporation

O.M.N.E Corporation

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PostSubject: Re: [Media] The Beaches are OPEN!!   Sun Mar 30, 2014 4:05 pm

Upon doing a slight bit of research Richard found which of the resorts seemed to be the best and most to his tastes, and then quickly sent them a message requesting to reserve their best room for about a week. 

Cost was not an issue for Richard considering he didn't spend much of the money he was paid as CEO of the company and leader of the colony anyway, being both made sure he had many things just given to him. So he was looking forward to a great week, hopefully catching up with a friend.
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[Media] The Beaches are OPEN!!
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