Earth is lost, and the ravaged colonies in the far reaches of space struggle to survive. We stand atop the Crest of the future.
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 Novalyse' Planetary Overview

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PostSubject: Novalyse' Planetary Overview   Sat Jan 18, 2014 2:29 am

Name: Novalyse

Primary location: Planet Novalyse, Khryses Star System

Reading from left to right the planet are Serian, Khyses (sun), Kytreon, Novalyse, Cayrn, and Silessa.


Major settlements:

Planet Novalyse

Novalyse is set on a oblique Orbit around Khrysis, the systems source of light. Due to the angularity of the orbit the planet cycles through quarters of different light patterns. Two quarters, known as Daybreak, are the two quarters of the planets rotation in which the surface is closest to the sun. During these non-consecutive times the days are long with scorching heat and only a few hours of night. The other two quarters, known as Long Night, are the non-consecutive quarters of the planets rotation reaching the farthest points away from the sun. At the peak of the Long Nights there will be a duration of ten days without sunlight.


The capital of Skyre was originally built as a military garrison designed to house augmentation facilities, training grounds, barracks, armories, as well as other necessities for the growth of military.  Twenty Five years ago when the capital Sola was seized by a hostile force civilians were evacuated from surrounding settlements into refugee camps outside the garrison walls.  The war dragged on for five years before the invaders were pushed out of the Khrysis system and the grounds that once held the capital of the colony were converted into a memorial for the lives lost at the hands of men.  

Capital Building of Skyre

The military Garrison that was once referred to as Skyre remains in the heart of the capital city.  After the end of the Five Year War, a settlement was built on the outskirts of the garrison walls, developing quickly into the metropolis it is today. Part of the Garrison was delegated for capital use and now houses to legislature in the west wing.  

Tyrite Arc

The Tyrite Arc is a strange nature formation of rocks that form several, perfectly aligned circles suspended over a ravine.

Planet Kytreon

Kytreon is a planet in the Khrysis system more similar to earth than the the Planet of Novalyse.  The colony has established a small number of settlements to start colonizing the planet however they have been met with serious difficulties in pirate raids and rebel Novalysians attacking to establish their own government.  

Settlement of Akrai

(Morgan Spears)

The settlement of Akrai is much different from the towering cities of Novalyse.  Seeing as how the buildings do not need to withstand the assault from massive aggressive creatures the buildings were made small, in single and double stories.  Novalyse has not invested much into these settlements yet as their conflicts have forced the money to go into the military, thus the buildings are not constructed with the best materials.

The settlement of Akrai was assigned ten Novalysian soldiers of low ranks to defend it, assuming that the town would not experience more that typical crime.

Public Appearance: Novalyse's public appearance is not the best that it could be.  With the combination of a military society, hostile environment, and the attacks from other colonies on Novalyse they're trust is not so easily given.  They are friendly to the surrounding colonies and do not wish to cause unnecessary distress in the Crest Sector however, if they believe that they have been wronged they are not the type to stand by and let it happen.  Despite their gruff demeanor they are actually incredibly selfless and willing to help other in need.  As shown in the Akrai insurgency and the arrival of Zeon, Novalysians are willing to lay down their lives for those of other colonies and are willing to help protect other planets if they are threatened.  Unfortunately they way they state this is often abrasive and leave people thinking that they are war mongering fanatics when they only mean to prevent wars and threats on other, less military armed colonies.

Economy: Based in majority in their cybernetics field, Novalyse' economy quite stable and often booms with the invention of new and improved cyber-enhancements.

Military: Novalyse' military makes up a large portion of their population because of the hostile nature of the planet they reside upon.  It is widely known that Novalysian soldiers are often the result of First Born Draft laws which were put into place early in the colony's existence.  About one hundred years ago the Novalysians began working with children taken by Cesarian Section and found that their bodies were more compatible with the Skeletal augmentations thus, about thirty five years after perfecting the process with what is now known as Bio-Androids almost all Novalysian soldiers are taken prior to natural birth to ensure the utmost success and survival rate of the children.

The Novalysian military is one of the governing forces in the colony.  It is almost entirely segregated from Novalysian law and operated independently of the legislative and judicial branches of the Novalysian government.  The military is highly structured and requires a strong leader in order to maintain the turmoil caused by many of its not entirely moral aspects.  Prior Military Generals have had few dealings with the outside colonies, focused almost entirely on the internal defense. After a devastating war Novalyse rebuilt its command structure from the ground up, creating the military powerhouse that it is today.  It has vastly expanded its intelligence division and has over the past several decades have sent scouting parties to update star maps of the surrounding colonies.  Novalyse has one of the broadest databases of planetary coordinates of the Crest Sector.

Military General: The term Military General is not a rank, as others can potentially out rank the general in the case of Chase outranking St. John.  It is a government position that can be given to any soldier with a General rank.  St. John is the current Military General, after he succeeded Kuro Kage who grew increasingly ill and was forced into retirement.


Enemies: Unknown Colony

Current status: As stable as can be expected considering they are warring with Native Inhabitants.

Notable figures: Cole St.John, Addison Grey, Alexander Chase

Other notes: The climate of Novalyse is mostly desert like with plains and sparse wooded areas.  Novalyse is closer to the sun than earth had been and thus, the nights on the planet are significantly shorter, which contributed to the harsh weather.  The planet is orbited by two moons which, extremely rarely, line up exactly with the natural circular structures that make up the Tyrite Arc.  

As earth began to decline a civilian/militant spacecraft departed for a system that had planets that showed signs of supporting life.  As they approached the star system however the ship encountered turbulence and was forced to crash land on a less desirable planet.  Upon landing, the crew analyzed the planet's atmosphere and found that it was near identical to the one found on earth.  This discovery led the way in the decision to colonize the planet, which appeared to be fairly peaceful.  As the colony was becoming established however, strange and fierce creatures began to make their appearance.  Without the capability of leaving the colonists were forced into warfare against the inhabitants of Novalyse.  

The almost constant war has taken its tole on the people of Novalyse in the lives of many of the first born children of its colonists.  By law, every first born child male or female must be submitted to the Militia for combat and defense training.  Now, those children are taken via Cesarian Section from their mother's womb and place in incubation chambers where they are surgically implanted with the latest and most up to date cybernetic enhancements designed to combat the hostile creatures that once ruled Novalyse.  

A number of the smaller native creatures from the planet have been domesticated and some have been cybernetically altered, although most of those have ended in failure.

Note: this history is in progress and is subject to change.

Culture:  Novalysian culture is divided into two vastly contrasting societies.  These societies stem from the mandatory military draft instituted early in the colony's existence.  The First-Born Society is military disciplined whereas the Second-Born Society is almost entirely free.  

First-Born Society- The First-Born Society took its name from the majority of first born tributes that make up its social strata.  Individuals within this society tend to be controlled by the discipline of their training and callused by their experiences in the field. One of the traits that most First Born have in common is hyper vigilance which could stem from disorders similar to Post Traumatic Stress.  
One of the most controversial systems in the colony of Novalyse is the Tribute Program.   Although the colony has always relied heavily on draft programs throughout the duration of its colonization, the Tribute laws have lead to severe division among its citizens. In modern Novalyse the First Born Tribute Laws consist of a series of executive orders made by generals throughout their history which ultimately led to the human injustice it is today.  

Draft with Incentive Laws (Predates Tribute Laws): Similarly to the U.S. Novalyse subscribed to a draft petition in which every male individual above a certain age was required to submit to the government office.  Augmentation was entirely optional, meaning those who were drafted were not forced through surgical processes required to render their natural bodies more suitable for combat.  Further, the military offered safer grounds for which as family could reside if a direct member of their family was a ranking soldier.  (I.E. Successfully made it through Novalysian Bootcamp)  Due to the incentive of a safer residence for relatives, it was not uncommon for the First Born children of a family to join the military in attempt to help with familial standing.  Poor, low class citizens were often the most likely under these structures to join whereas the higher class citizens often did not need to put themselves or their families at risk to remain in a safe environment. Over time this caused a vast discrepancy in per capita of the wealthy vs. the poor in the Novalysian military.  Under each new Generals reign the recruitment policies changed drastically from what the once were.

Service for Citizenship Laws:  Only a few decades after the first settlements were built with the remnants of the colonial spaceships at their center the migration patterns of the large beasts of the desert shifted closer to the easy food source.  Humans.  The original colonial recruitment methods could not supply enough soldiers to combat the ever increasing threat from the wildlife and the General at the time knew it.  The not so well known General in Novalysian history, Johnathan R. Wolfe, set into motion the first laws that would eventually lead to what we see today.   Wolfe sent executive order that all minors after a certain grace period would not be considered Novalysian citizens.  They would be required to spend at least two years time in the military in order to gain citizenship, property rights, and the rights to work and further education.  The grace period under these terms ended at the age of sixteen, meaning anyone that age or older must join the military for a duration before they would be authorized to further themselves in society.  This was the first significant change to the drafting system of Novalyse, and although it only lasted a few generations before it was altered again it started the landslide of infringements on human rights as a whole.

First Born Draft:  After Wolfe's untimely death at only age thirty-five a new general entered the scene, William A. Chase.  Chase was well versed in the fields of social psychology, the study of lineage, and the affect birth order had on an individual's personality and in knowing this he altered the draft laws to what they would remain until only a few decades ago.  His executive order relinquished  the requirements that all youth must serve in the military to become citizens under that, only the first child of a family must serve a stint of five years in the military.

  • No Child Left Alone- An clause in the executive order stating that no child orphaned through the actions of the military should be left alone.  Essentially a Novalysian foster system, a child would be placed with a willing family of a mid or above ranking soldiers.  This eventually led to the integration of orphans into the military as soldiers as well as the mentoring process by which young tributes would later be trained.

First Born Tribute: The term First-Born Tribute did not occur until after Chase's death and several gernations of generals had been in leadership, then again a young general Kage altered again the laws to meet a high demand of soldiers.  This alteration did not initially change much regarding its predecessor with the exception of the removal of the time stint.  This meaning all First Born children were not drafted for a time but given as tribute to the colony, hence the name.  However, several amendments were made throughout Kage's long reign as general, each becoming more invasive than the last.  Kage's first initiative was to force more individuals to be tribute to the colony.  Referring back to the draft laws, Kage instituted laws requiring Tributes be taken from the paternal line.  This taking into account the high death rate among soldiers who were at the time mostly males forced mothers who conceived children by a different man to forfeit their first child with that individual as well.  Under this general the withholding of a Tribute was considered treason and if proven in a judicial court was punishable by death.  Kage also wrote an executive order by which no following general could change the tribute laws without a consensus between the Judicial, Legislative, and Military Branch of the more stable government. Thus, locking into place the tribute laws that have reigned for the passed sixty-five years.  

  • Unwanted Child Initiative- The unwanted child act gives a new resource for individuals who do not want the children they conceive.  This law and laws soon to follow allow for individuals who would have aborted children to submit them to the Tribute Program.  An amendment to this law actually prohibits abortion in the colony of Novalyse entirely, using the UCI as a means to replace the atrocity of killing children.

  • Integration of Augmentation-Augmentation soon became a must in Novalysian military in order to extend the life expectancy of their soldiers.  

  • Prebirth Augmentation- Prebirth augmentation became necessary soon after cybernetics were made mandatory.  The purpose of this was that augmentation made to the body prior to actual birth would likely cause less rejection in the infant's body.  

Second-Born Society- The second born society contains all individuals who have not been raised and trained in the Novalysian military, regardless of birth order.  Its name stems from the initial studies done on only the second born children of Novalyse to address sociological and psychological differences between those who have lived their entire live training for battle and those who have had a much easier lifestyle.  People from this society tend to be less vigilant than their first born counterparts and more carefree.

The Novalysian Resistance was formed early in the colonies existence, only now having become powerful enough to make a move on the government itself.  Their goal in simple, to force the government to issue the removal of First-Born Tribute Law which require families to surrender their first born children to the government for military training.  For a number of decades the Novalysian Military has kept tabs on those involved in the Resistance, going as far as to charge members with treason: a crime which is punishable by death.  With the recruitment of several Novalysians who specialized in tracking the resistance movements, in recent years it has become increasingly difficult to locate them and the people involved.

The Resistance originally intended to force the government to repeal the First-Born Tribute Laws, but with the coming of a new commander came new motivations for their actions.  The Resistance stopped taking in those trying to protect their unborn children and began massing a force to attack the capital.  The ADR landing on Kytreon gave ample opportunity for the resistance to gain a stronghold in the colony however, the ill trained frontlines men did not heed their commands properly.  This drew the attention of the other colonies and started the on ground investigation of the incident.

Roles in the Resistance:

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PostSubject: Government   Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:33 am

Novalyse' government is ruled by an elected/appointed triumvirate.  

Military General Cole St.John

Cole St. John was drafted as first born tribute from his parents via C section procedure.  He worked hard to rise through the ranks to gain what he has in life.  He was transferred into Echo Company under Alexander Chase after he spent two years fighting for a less known Novalysian company. Cole rose through the ranks in Echo more easily second only to Alexander who was several years older and more experienced than himself.  Cole has had both arms fully replace by cybernetics after an incident during a battle to repel another colony's attack.  When his commanding officer was disabled inside a hijacked battleship Cole jammed his entire arm into the door, slowly being crushed as the injured general struggled to get out of the doorway before the ship launched.  Cole lost both arms in the process but the enemy was repelled from the planet during that battle and has not been seen since.  St. John has willingly enlisted both of his sons Colten and Nickoli into the military.  His first son, Colten is MIA and presumed dead.  Nickoli has become a captain in Cayrn Company and was assigned to the Vanguard detachment sent to Kytreon.

Chief Justice Addison Grey

Legislative Overseer Alexander Chase

Alexander Chase, first born to father Richard and mother Cailyn, was one of the first children to be taken from their parents before natural birth.  His body contains many-now outdated-cybernetic implants that enhanced his abilities in combat.  He has since retired after having his leg completely severed during a mission to defend Novalyse against an assault from an unknown colony.  During the last battle Echo Company single handedly repelled a force nearly three times their size, with heavy loses.  He lost his leg in a fight to stop the enemy from hijacking one of the Novalysian battleship.  He was disabled in the bay of the ship as the doors began to close when suddenly sparks flew from the doors as they were forcibly held open by one of the other soldiers.  Chase no wife or children however, has developed a father-like relationship with Serah Lawson after entering legislation.  No one knows exactly why Chase has taken to acting as a Mentor for the second born Lawson child however, it has had a drastic effect on his personality.

Former Military General Kuro Kage

Kuro Kage was one of the last Novalysians to come from earth to the colony before it went dark.  His parents moved to Novalyse when he was a child, when he grew older he willingly enlisted into the military, which at the time did not require internal cybernetics.  Throughout his many years he has watched many soldiers come into the military but he only ever mentored one soldier by the name of Alexander Chase, who he intended to succeed him upon his death or retirement.  Around the same time Chase was discharged from the military due to his disability Kuro was also forcibly retired for medical purposes pertaining to an unknown disease.  Kage is father to now deceased Auron Kage and grand father to Serena Kage who's whereabouts are currently unknown.

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PostSubject: Characters   Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:44 pm

Colten St. John (MIA)

Colten St. John was born to father Cole and mother Leah St. John.  He was drafted as first born tribute at birth and was trained extensively unlike his brother whom h never knew his father did not oversee his training.  Despite this he was transferred into Echo Company along side Thorne Axon and the rest of his class.  He was on the verge of becoming a general in his father's footsteps when he abruptly disappeared.  

Serana Kage

Serana Kage was rightfully a first born tribute to the military however, her family tried to hide her existence until she was too old to be entered into the augmentation program.  Eventually the military found them however and her parents were killed in an attempt to keep their child. After that Serana entered the military and received full internal augmentation required of a soldier.  Shortly there after a soldier who had known her family took her from Novalyse and fled to Deysha II for safety.  After that Serana grew up on the streets of Duna City scrapping to make any kind of living.  

Thorne Axon

Thorne Axon was integrated into the military of Novalyse at the same time as Colten St. John.  The two were close friends, despite this he did not seem devastated when Colten went missing and most likely knows more than he lets on about what happened.

Tessa Nakea

Tessa Nakea is the second born of a long line of military medical staff.  She willingly joined the military to follow in her family's footsteps and become a field doctor.  Since then she has become the head doctor of her own medical ship, not exactly what she wanted to do upon deciding her career.

Jericho Matheson

Jericho Matheson, first born tribute, trained under Cole St. John supervision until the age of sixteen when he was selected exclusively for Nox Company, Novalysian SS.  Matheson was stationed at the landing docks of former capital of Sola during the direct assault that started the Five Year War.  Nox company was almost entirely eradicated during the assault, the survivors were captured as Prisoners of War and held in the central plaza of Sola throughout the war.  Matheson was among those survivors, the tali marks on the back of his armor show how many of his fellow soldiers the prison keepers killed in front of him, numbering sixty in total.  He did not survive the war unscathed, as his body has been augmented over 50% in an attempt to repair the damage he sustained.

Darren (Spitfire) Walker

Jacob Markson

Dirk Lawrence

Morgan Spears

Dante Crucis

Ashe Lawson

Serah Lawson

Serah Lawson is the second born to the Lawson household.  She become a sociologist/native species scientist.  She has formed a close bond to Alexander Chase, who acts as her mentor.

Jessica Ryant

Jackson Kane

Chad Morrison

Shane Rhodes

Anastasia Rhodes

Cayrn Company Vanguard

Captain Nickoli St. John

Nickoli St. John was born second to father Cole St. John and mother Leah St. John.  Nick was conceived ten years after his father became the Military General.  Cole chose after his wife died in childbirth to draft his second son into the military as well so that he may follow in his footsteps.  Cole personally saw to his son's training and often assisted himself.  Despite his relation to the general Nick was not treated better than other drafts in fact, he was held to a much higher standard by the trainers including his father.  He was scolded more harshly and forced to be the best of the best even beyond his ranks.  Despite Cole's efforts in forcing his son to become just like himself Nick's class was not accepted into Echo company but instead Cayrn.  


Serian born to unknown parents was taken into the military training program late in his childhood. Despite this setback in his career Serian ranked one of the highest in Cayrn Company Vanguard, second only to Nickoli St. John.  Serian and Nick were trained in the same class and selected together for the Kytreon Vanguard.

Josh  Anders

Josh Anders born to father Carl Anders and mother Beth Anders, was drafted as first born tribute into the Military.  Josh trained in the same class as Serain and Nickoli, however his skills were not comparable to either.  Despite his downfalls Nickoli and eventually Serian assisted in giving extra training to the sub-par recruit.

Medic Michael Reese Jr. (Deceased)

Michael Reese, born to father Michael Reese Senior and mother Karen Reese, was drafted as First Born tribute into the military.  During the Akrai insurgency Michael rushed out into the street to save an injured civilian women when he was shot in he back of the head as he was carrying her to safety.

Minor Characters
Natasha (Kohler) Lawson

The mother of the Lawson sister, once engaged to Alexander Chase before his five year MIA status prior to the Twenty - Five years war.  In his absence she wedded Chase's best friend and second in command Robert Lawson.

Robert Lawson

Father of the Lawson sisters, once Alexander Chase's best friend in bootcamp turned bitter enemies.  Robert was taken into intensive care after Chase broke his spine and cracked his skull.  He has been on life support since the conflict and remained unconscious to this day.

Leah (Onnen) St. John

Wife of Cole St. John and mother to both Colten and Nickoli. Leah did well for herself in the field of psychology and therapy, specializing in the treatment of PTSD in Novalysian Veterans.  Leah chose to resign from her esteemed position after breaking the by-laws stating that therapist and patients cannot have intimate relationships.  After the stress of her first son's disappearance and Cole's unwise decision to enlist his second child into the military Leah gave up on having any life.  Cole found her cold body hanging in their home a few weeks after Nickoli was taken.

Coco (St. John's Cat)

This kitten was adopted by Leah St. John before her passing, the kitten was diagnosed with a rare disease and lost most of its fur when it was young.  Leah diligently nursed the poor kitten back to health, most of it's fur growing back in with the exception of his face which was left a blue gray discoloration from the disease.  After Leah passed away Coco was inherited by Cole St. John, both have a mutual bad relationship, although Coco uses he's master's guilt to act like an asshole without reprimand.


Terra of birthed into second born society of Novalyse in the capital of Skyre.  There she saved to move to Rescenta for education in the pediatric field of medicine.  Prior to moving to UOR Campus she found herself involved in a relationship with a soldier returned from deployment.  Although the two were never wed, they had planned to do so before she left for collage and he was sent out on another deployment.  The two went their separate ways without knowledge of their unborn child.  Terra lost contact with her fiance soon after the events at the University of Rescenta, later finding out that he was charged as a traitor and executed in the midst of the chaos.  

Terra soon joined the resistance forces in hopes that their purpose would succeed and protect her unborn child from the tribute laws that have continued to be highly controversial among Novalysian Society. Terra acts as a direct informant for several pivotal figures of the resistance, working from Rescenta to organize information out of the reach of the Novalysian Government.

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PostSubject: Cybernetic Industry   Sat Jan 18, 2014 3:45 pm

Description of the industry coming soon


Telecommunication (Models Vary)

This cyber-enhancement is permanently attached to the skull by lite weight fasteners that connect its censor/transmitter core to the brain.  This allows the user to talk, listen, and transmit hands free.  Latest models are smaller in size and nearly invisible, although this model seems to be holding its own with the popular new innovation.

Intercontrol Mechanism (Models Vary)

Another example of the ingenuity the cybernetics industry has to offer is the Intercontrol Mechanism.  These are implanted just above the ears under the hair on both sides of the head, connecting its censor cores directly into the brain.  These allow the user to control many other enhancements without outside interferences or errors.  For example, users who have intercontrol mechanisms implanted can power and maneuver cyber-cycles as well as hover-cycles without human error.

Optical Cybernetics

The cybernetics industry prides itself on the realism of its new optical implants.  Previously, optical implants required thick metal oculars processors attached outside the eye sockets but with new innovations a entirely replicated eye can simply be inserted into your original sockets without further augmentation to the bridge of the nose or brow.  Simply attach the sensory strands to the existing- or remaining- parts of the optic nerve and these new visionary beauties are ready for viewing the universe.  Comes in all natural colors!

Cybernetic Prostheses (Models Vary)

These posed mannequins are constructed completely out of cybernetic prostheses.  Each of these cybernetic replacements can be directly connected to the brain and act and react just as natural limbs.  Almost all natural nerve sensations are simulated with the sensory core connect, meaning that the replacement will have a full range of feeling.  This does include pain for the reason of making the prosthetic as real as possible.  

Reenforced Skeletal System (Available only to Novalysian Military)

The invention of a cybernetic augmentation to reenforce the skeleton of the human body was created long before anyone knew of its existence and use.  The Novalysian military developed the first of its technology one hundred years ago and tested its compatibility and use with Bio Androids.  Once the process was made safe for use on humans the military began to incorporate this into the standard augmentation process.  Later finding out that older drafts' bodies were not a likely to accept the new bone like structures they began taking children before birth to ensure success.  All Novalysian soldiers are required to have this augmentation as well as others to ensure their own safety in the hostile environment.

Cyber-cycles (Models Vary)

Currently the most recently model of the cyber-cycle land rover, Di0dZ is the hottest selling pruduct the industry has to offer.  These revolutionary takes on Earthian 'Motercycle' provide a fast and efficient way to travel across the planet.  New models are Intercontrol compatible!

Hover-Cycles (Models Vary)

A fairly new innovation in Cyber-Cycle technology, the Hover-Cycle has released its 25th model!  This spin on an old idea not only allows for fast land travel but also allows the user to glide one hundred yards above ground level with ease.

Bio Android (Modals Vary)

The most recent innovation in cybernetics is the Bio-Android series.  These cybernetically engineered human clones are constructed within incubation chambers where they are equipped with fully functioning bio-system similar to that of a natural human.  Because these Bio-Androids mature is much the same way as humans do, it is not uncommon for them to be able to go unnoticed by those around them.

Melee Weaponry

This is a non-lethal Pulse Baton which was designed specifically to apprehend criminals and rioters in the safest way for both parties.  

Side Arms

Bolt Action Rifles (Currently Unavailable)

Semi-Auto Rifles

Fully Auto Rifles and Heavy Weaponry

Shotguns, Grenade Launcher, Flame Thrower

Grande Launcher

Flame Thrower

Drone Weaponry

Overhead Mounted Turrent

Ground Level Mounted Turrent

Remote Controlled Security Turrets


Nano-Machine Injection Vials.  



Flagship Lykaon

Identification Ring

Cybernetic Enhancement Serum Injection

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PostSubject: Military and Weaponry   Sun Jan 19, 2014 3:14 pm

Echo Company

Current General: Thorne Axon



Cayrn Company

Current General: Jackson Kain



Ghost Company

Current General: Darren Walker



Nox Company

Current General: None



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PostSubject: Wildlife   Sun Jan 26, 2014 2:51 pm

"Desert Demon"



Desert Arachnid

"Needle Hoof Deer"

"Meth Goat"

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PostSubject: Re: Novalyse' Planetary Overview   

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Novalyse' Planetary Overview
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