Earth is lost, and the ravaged colonies in the far reaches of space struggle to survive. We stand atop the Crest of the future.
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 Timeline of Crest

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PostSubject: Timeline of Crest   Timeline of Crest Icon_minitimeSun Mar 02, 2014 8:14 pm

2015: History diverges from modern day.

2030: Scientific and technological advancements continue exponentially. Due to concerns of worsening environmental conditions and overpopulation, space exploration and permanent colonization becomes a worldwide goal.

2050: The first commercial 'prototype' colonies are launched. They are incredibly costly and selective, and there are few known habitable planets - most of them remain in orbit or function as satellites throughout the Milky Way.

2075: Tension between world superpowers increases. War becomes almost constant.

2100: The first civilian colonies are launched in the solar system of the Earth. Extraterrestrial colonization is finally within the reach of average people, and millions flock to different colonies to launch. The colonies are mildly successful, but there are still no other planets with hospitable conditions.

2150: Colonies begin to seek further solar systems and begin to find planets with more hospitable conditions. Further advancements in light-speed travel make it possible to travel farther from Earth. Moons and small planets are colonized permanently.

2175: Colonial space travel becomes much more common and accessible. Phase shift technology, which allows interplanetary and even intergalactic travel, is stream-lined and made accessible at sub-national levels for more powerful colonies.

2200: The eponymous colony of Deysha-II is formed in the Gideon System on one of the first known hospitable, Earth-like planets with a completely breathable and self-sustainable atmosphere. It quickly becomes a beacon for the inspiring potential of space colonization.

2225: Populations in space colonies and non-Earthian settlements boom. Approximately 20% of humans now populate outer space instead of Earth.

2234: The 25 Years' War begins between Earth's superpowers including the USA, China, and Russia concerning exoplanetary territories. It is similar to the Cold War in which there is not much open military confrontation, but a highly conflicted atmosphere of political tension. Most colonies try to remain independent and neutral.

2249: The first permanent extraterrestrial information and communication network, the DataNet, is launched by I.D.E.A. It quickly rivals the Earth's Internet in data, accessibility, and popularity.

2259: Communications with Earth unexpectedly go dark. All supply lines are halted, and most colonies that were dependant on Earth for supplies start to die out. Speculations of a nuclear crisis on Earth abound amongst the colonies but there is no evidence, and Earth's atmosphere is now too inhospitable for intel or recovery teams to land. Much to the dismay of the colonies, there is no sign of life on the now-barren planet.

2275: Tensions between the colonies arise. The most stable colony, Deysha-II, works to establish an annual Intercolonial Assembly for all allied colony leaders to meet diplomatically.

2339: Present day. 324 years from 2015. 80 years from 2259. Start of Crest.
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Timeline of Crest
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