Earth is lost, and the ravaged colonies in the far reaches of space struggle to survive. We stand atop the Crest of the future.
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 Dyridion Empire Overview

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PostSubject: Dyridion Empire Overview   Sat Mar 01, 2014 5:52 pm

Dyridion Empire

Primary location: Stelva System, Closed Borders; Crest Sector

Major settlements: Dyridia (Earthen Planet), Caostea (Gray Planet), Nastis (Red Planet)  

The planets Dyridia, Caostea, and Nastis are extremely close in orbit to one another, so close that their atmospheres have created an unusual coexistence between each other.  The three planet's atmospheres are almost never out of contact with one another, the stronger of these atmospheres feed into the weaker.  This causes the atmospheres of all the planets to remain steady and livable for the population that resides there but it also attributes to the almost constant Northern Lights that pulse throughout the skies of these planets.  The planet that experiences the most of this mesmerizing display of nature is Nastis who's light shows are painted in deeper and more vibrant colors.

Atmospheric Coexistence

Population: 5 mil

Economy: Dyridion's economy is constructed of a once entirely closed trade system.  Wealth is fairly evenly distributed through the colony based on the needs and requirements of he area.

Military: The Dyridion military are known for their speed as well as skill with melee weaponry.  They have the ability to outmaneuver most others due to their specialized armor paired with the latest in Pulse technology.  Dyridion armor is designed to be a almost as light as a feather through the use of Onaplasm, a unique substance that covers the vital areas of the soldiers and acts as a replacement for traditional heavy armor.  Attached to the arms, shoulders and legs is a light metal framing that holds and protects the specially designed plasm until it is deployed before combat.  Within the plating of the frame at the hands and feet also lies the Pulse technology, designed to electorate the soldier's speed.  Recent developments in Pulse have allowed the soldiers to take and sustain flight for more extended time periods.  

Allies: None

Enemies: None

Current status: Self sufficient

Notable figures: Dr. Mae Hockins, Dr. Ivan Kovalski,

Other notes:

((Disclaimer: Information disclosed within this factbook is entirely out of character. Any use of this information in character without prior consultation of the owner will result in immediate and spontaneous combustion of the character(s) who utilize it. Thank you.))

History: A conglomerate know as The Console began development of the Artificial Intelligence known as Dynamic Rendition System (DYRE) in the early 2000's. The project initial intent was to create a system with endless computing potential to bypass the then current systems known as PC, MAC, and LYNEX.   As the years went on The Console began researching DYRE's learning capabilities through a small study group of voluntary subjects.  Early subjects allowed the researchers to implant a microchip at the base of their skulls to act as a direct link between their thought, feelings, and actions and the early DYRE system. Dr. Mae Hockins, leading developer in the Consule conglomerate, led the furthering research and development of DYRE and eventually oversaw the creation of a similar system in space.  

The Console forced the hand of its developers when the DYRE System was implemented outside Earth without their consultation.  Dr. Hockins shortly after volunteered to oversee the system's development as well as the colonies.  Her intentions were not to help the Console however, but to make the system create an self sustainable society where human life could continue to prevail.  She was under constant observation as the Console also chose a random selection of researchers to accompany her.  Despite the hindrance of other people she was able to create the DYRE System on Dyridion.  Dyre began to integrate every aspect of the human life form into its system, learning as an exceptionally fast rate and grew intelligent enough to govern the colony without the need for human interference.  Before this process was complete however, Dr. Hockins was called back to Earth to derive a plan to stabilize its degrading condition.  Dr. Hockins would die long before Earth's blackout however, thankfully unable to survive long enough to watch earth crumble.

When Dr. Hockins was called back to Earth another developer was put in charge of the continuing growth of Dyridion, his name was Dr. Ivan Kovalski.  Many years later until his death and that of the observing research team Kovalski attached his newly developed cores to the initial DYRE System core.  These new cores were designed to assist the DYRE core by allowing it to delegate processes to these new cores.  Dyre was forced to integrate these systems into its own and began to delegate its processes to other cores.  Dr. Kovalski as well as all who were aware of DYRE passed out of existence in the hundreds of years the system has been governing Dyridion.

The learning process that DYRE was encrypted with evolved with the data is continued to take in from the population so drastically that it in and of itself is almost a sentient being.  It is capable of and experiences thought, feeling, emotion, and conflict just as humans do, and it is also capable of corruption.  Taught by the corrupted of its census how to lie, cheat, steal, discriminate, segregate, kill, and worse it has integrated all the things that make humans violent and hateful.

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PostSubject: Society, Culture, Laws, Crime   Sun Mar 02, 2014 1:49 am

Dyridion words and names are pronounced a bit differently than others.  

Aa- Generally carries an AW or AH sound.  Aw Examples: Far, Karron.  Ah Examples:Care, Cassian

Ee Ending- Generally carries a long A sound. Ee Examples: Day, Kali-ste.

Ee - When placed elsewhere E generally carries the short E sound. Examples: Net, Renata.

Ae- Generally carries a long A sound.

Ii Ending- Generally carries a long E sound.  Ii Examples: Freeze Kal-i-ste

Ii- When placed elsewhere I carries the short I sound.  Example: Is, If.

Oo- Generally carries an short O sound.  Oo Examples: On.

Dyridion is a semi-socialist society that has sustained itself entirely long before the silence of Earth. Socialism on Earth is far different from the socialism that is present in Dyrdion, first not all professions receive the same wages.  Rather they are adjusted based on the hours, the shifts, difficulty, and education required for the profession as well as the necessary costs of the areas which the individuals reside.  Thus, the pay system is designed to give a sense of fairness as well as equality amongst Dyridion's people.

Dyridion culture is filled with luxury as there is a large amount of wealth distributed throughout the colony.  Fashion is a large part of Dyridion culture, although the colony is partially socialist fashion is still a statement of social status and wealth.  Dyridion fashion concepts often involve layering vibrant colors with a white or black base tone sewn into flashy yet contemporary designs.  

Over the course of the colony's existence the use of last names has diminished dramatically across Dyridion due to genetic identification technology.  Without the need to identify one's self and others with similar names by their last name the social norm has faded almost completely out of Dyridion society.

Despite the lack of a formal last name, Dyridions are extremely formal and noble. Especially in diplomatic situations, Dyridions tend to dress, speak, and act for occasions naturally without any issues.  They tend to speak differently than most informal colonies, using the lengthy and proper terms rather than conjunctions and abbreviations however they tone this down when speaking to outsiders as they assume people don't understand them properly otherwise.  

Dyridions have specific genetic traits that contribute to their unique appearance.  The most common aspects that set them apart from other colonial inhabitants is their silver eye color, often black or gray white hair.  Generally Dyridions are sleekly built, not carrying the unnecessary weight of fat or bulk muscle.  Males are often a head taller than female Dyridions who often remain near and slightly below average in height.

Their build allows their bodies to possess an accurate balance between muscle and flexibility without the downfalls of fat or bulk muscle, making them extremely nimble.  Dyridions reaction rate is similar to that of most of the surrounding colonies however their light weight structure is not inhibited by excess mass and therefore they appear to have much faster reflexes when in reality they are only operating a max human potential.  

((Has been subjected to revision))

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PostSubject: Re: Dyridion Empire Overview   Thu Mar 06, 2014 12:18 am

Onaplasm Compound

Onaplasm is a gel like compound that is versatile is many respects.  The compound has replaced glass for windows, tables, and skylights as well as heavy metal plated armor for the military.  The compound alone feels like a slick gel that slips through your fingers however, this substance can toughen/harden to almost as strong as heavy metal plating without loosing flexibility.  Stronger than most known metals and less fragile than glass, this plasm can withstand a beating before it can be punctured.  

Like most gel like substances you can reach your hand into a container of its compound without an issue however, if you were to try to punch the compound you would not be able to penetrate the surface.  This is because of a unique property in the plasm's composition.  Dyridions have manipulated the natural resistant properties of Onaplasm in military armor.  The metal framing contains the substance until it fills the gaps in the frame work and toughens into a highly durable yet extremely flexible shield for the vital organs.  

Onaplasm is not impenetrable however, as it takes time and energy to recuperate and repair damage from impact.  If a soldier is shot with one high velocity rifle shot, the bullet would likely become lodged within the plasm without causing harm to the individual.  As the soldier receives more hits the plasm put all of its strength into repair the rifts within itself caused by the bullets, thus if another bullet strikes away from the previous it is more likely to break through the armor shield and cause physical harm to the soldier.

Dyridion Armor Example

The technology known as Pulse is the fastest and most highly developed propulsion technologies in the Crest Sector. All Dyridion space crafts as well as infantry forces are equipped with the stand alone self powered technology, making their forces the fastest in the universe.

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PostSubject: Characters   Thu Mar 06, 2014 1:05 am









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PostSubject: Re: Dyridion Empire Overview   

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Dyridion Empire Overview
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