Earth is lost, and the ravaged colonies in the far reaches of space struggle to survive. We stand atop the Crest of the future.
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 [Diplomacy] O.M.N.E Message to A.D.R

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O.M.N.E Corporation

O.M.N.E Corporation

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[Diplomacy] O.M.N.E Message to A.D.R Empty
PostSubject: [Diplomacy] O.M.N.E Message to A.D.R   [Diplomacy] O.M.N.E Message to A.D.R Icon_minitimeSun Jan 26, 2014 3:09 pm

Very quickly after the incident at the college a message would be sent to the ADR leadership directly from CEO Conners himself. It contained the following.

"My friends, the leadership of the Allied Demarchy of Reza, I was very distraught to hear about what happened at the meeting concerning the Eosa and their rights, and saddened my people had to take action. I apologize for not having notified anyone that they were accompanying my scientist and public relations officials but due to the volatile nature of the discussion they were taking part in, i felt it was prudent to send them and keep them low profile in all aspects. What happened was terrible, and my operatives acted quickly because they saw that another colony's representative had been hurt. I feel as if this would hurt our coming campaign to help the Eosa if it got out into the media my securion operatives had shot and aided in killing two of the attackers. It is with a heavy heart i must ask you to keep my securion operatives actions out of the public eye. I am also told that William Simmons spoke to Clarity Davis at the Deysha conference about a funding agreement between your scientists and their research and the O.M.N.E Corporation. What we had hoped is to be able to aid your research by funding you quite a generous amount, and also helping your growing economy by setting up a few beginning O.M.N.E franchises in your cities. Sadly is this got out, we may take a small hit to our trade with other colonies who have large civil rights groups and movements and it would decrease the amount we were able to fund you."
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[Diplomacy] O.M.N.E Message to A.D.R Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Diplomacy] O.M.N.E Message to A.D.R   [Diplomacy] O.M.N.E Message to A.D.R Icon_minitimeSun Jan 26, 2014 3:32 pm

The following message was returned to Conners from the ADR's Head of Senate, Kenji Wright:

"Mr. Conners,

I would like to personally apologize for the incident that your people were involved in at the University of Rescenta. It greatly saddens me to have such a tragedy occur at a time when we and the other colonies were working towards the greater good of everyone in the future and, on behalf of the Senate and the Allied Demarchy of Reza, we know that we can work together to overcome this unfortunate event with understanding, good-will, and perserverance.

It has indeed come to my attention that our security personnel and customs enforcement officials were not informed that you had armed Securion agents accompanying your representatives. It is against ADR policy to allow unchecked weapons through our ports; all firearms and weapons carried by visiting non-residents must receive prior authorization be checked by our customs officials upon arrival. It is a crime to not report the possession of such items upon arrival, and is strictly enforced to ensure the safety of the public. I have discussed this with the Senate, and we have passed a motion to expunge the Securion agents for these charges due to the nature of what happened in the University that day. The ADR Senate does not wish for any more misfortune to come of that incident and we understand your concerns to keep your representatives safe. However, please be aware that in the future, unauthorized possession of weapons will not be tolerated and may be prosecuted by choice of the Demarchy - this is beyond my power to overrule again. Please notify our customs enforcement officials of any security personnel and weaponry that your representatives intend to have accompanying them well ahead of time to avoid such issues in the future.

Senate Representative Davis shared with me your proposal of a funding agreement. Again, I have forwarded this motion to the Senate, but it is currently in consideration on the Senate floor. Due to the nature of the recent events, there may be a delay in our decision on this agreement. I will see that you are contacted again when this proposal has moved forward.

Thank you, Mr. Conners.

Head of Senate, Kenji Wright"
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[Diplomacy] O.M.N.E Message to A.D.R
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