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 The Duna City Crips

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PostSubject: The Duna City Crips   Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:02 pm

represent yo

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PostSubject: "Doctor" Jared Palacio   Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:20 pm

An ex-O.M.N.E employee, he was fired and expelled from the colony due to unauthorized production of an addictive and harmful drug known as electra. He hasn't produced any since due to lacking the appropriate supplies and his obsession with refining the formula so he can make it perfect. He works for this gang making huge amounts of various drugs for sale in the underbelly of Deysha, Duna City.

Solid Electra

Liquid Electra

Prototype Electra Capsule

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PostSubject: Re: The Duna City Crips   Mon Jan 20, 2014 4:23 pm

Renee Deystha, better known as 'Dresden,' is an ex-military operative gone postal. She found more money and excitement in the harsh reality of the streets than being given orders to do someone else's job for them. After she got discharged for ignoring orders to hold her fire during a police stand-off, she found it hard to land any sort of respectable job anywhere on Deysha-II. She couldn't stay in Tyton since the cost of living was too high, and she found that masquerading around Trader's Point was too high-risk to be worthwhile. So she ended up back in her hometown of Duna City, which had become decisively shittier in the decade that she'd been deployed. At least she could make money and survive here.

She only cares about herself; that's not just because she's egotistical, but because no one else ever has. She tends to shoot first and ask questions later. She's hard and ruthless, and backs her volatile temper with years of Deyshian military skills - just not the self-discipline. Besides, she thinks she looks much better in street clothes than some stuffy uniform.

Portraits of Dresden

Dresden's Black Market Arsenal

Dresden's Cycle. Back when she had first swiped it, the bike was shiny, brand new military-issue patrol vehicle. A few hours of tweaking and modding later, it was a street-ready, high-speed, one-of-a-kind monster. She stripped the bullet plating for speed (you're already screwed if you're getting shot at on a motorcycle, Dresden reasons), replaced the lightbar for concealed grip-activated nanoguns, and spray-painted a skull and crossbones over the spot that used to contain the bike's serial number and tracking chip.

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PostSubject: Re: The Duna City Crips   Mon Jan 20, 2014 6:30 pm


Kytheria, an escaped Eosa, has lived her entire free life on the run from the authority. She turned to a life of crime shortly after a violent incident where she was beaten, assaulted, and raped. As a result she has grown ever weary of man and finds them extremely hard to trust, even for an Eos. Unknown to those she runs with she had an infant child by her assaulter and fights diligently to provide for the little girl's care. Despite the mixed blood, her child seems to be developing normally thus far, but who knows what genetic deformities have yet to show themselves in the young Eosa/Human hybrid.

Kytheria is distrustful of humans and even more so of men, the only person she currently trusts is Dresden who is the only one who knows of her secret. She's a very convincing actress and often uses that to her advantage when on jobs, manipulating the men to do whatever she needs them to in order to gain access to whatever it is she is looking for at the time. Despite her acting she still often comes off as a feral animal in a cage, lashing out at those who come too close.

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Shinji Abari

Shinji Abari

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PostSubject: Re: The Duna City Crips   Tue Jan 28, 2014 2:07 am

Shinji Abari- Shinji was born on Cascadia but shortly after his 15th birthday his parents where killed in a pirate raid, he grew up from their on the the streets. He eventually got sick of people having pitty on him and  one night he snuck  into a Cascadian  ship growth facility and set up a "special order" growth job to build a private high speed high maneuverability lightly armed small corvette ship.  Which he named Slip stream. weeks later when the ship had been completed he snuck back in before it was "certified and registered to the false order and stole it and a truck. No one had been so bold as to drive a stolen ship out of a growth facility so the guards assumed the obviously special order ship was a military prototype and let him out of the yard. Once out into the wasteland he  trashed the truck and  took off  as fast as possible to a nearby pirate asteroid hang out after a few years of  gaining trust he eventually had the chance he sought,  out on a job with the very pirates who killed his family he faked engine trouble and  throughout the next 5 hours he killed the power to his ship and killed off every single one of the pirates, using his now signature weapons his gunblades, none of the pirates got a bullet not even as a mercy. From there he took the odd job here and there, never becoming a true pirate but never returning to civilized legal existence either.

The Slip Stream  Shinji's pride and joy. Quick, agile, and with a sting that though not hefty is harsher then its size would allude too.

Shinji's Gunblades fully grown of cascadium  capable of firing bullets and using  charged packs for plasma rounds.  His twin Hellion pistols,and his Cerberus katana

Shinji's Bike forged cascadium rather than grown no on board weapons but with split front and rear tires allowing for 4 way simultaneous  rotation meaning agility and speed
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PostSubject: Re: The Duna City Crips   

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The Duna City Crips
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