Earth is lost, and the ravaged colonies in the far reaches of space struggle to survive. We stand atop the Crest of the future.
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 The Independent State of Deysha-II

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PostSubject: The Independent State of Deysha-II   Mon Jan 20, 2014 2:12 am

----- The Independent State of Deysha-II -----

Current Prime Minister: Rystoff Paras
Current Political Advisor: Carros Deyn

Population: ~ 1.8 million

Deysha-II is an independent planet in the Canaan System which has an eponymous democratic government. It prides itself on the values of efficiency, equality, neutrality, and openness to all travelers. It is sometimes called the "Gem of the Free World" or the "Jewel of Canaan" for its incredibly progressive ideals, welcoming environment, and beautiful cities. Deysha-II is a prime destination to visit for business meetings, trade, interplanetary travel, and vacations. It is often praised and loved by other states, colonies, and alliances.

The capitol city of Deysha-II is Tyton, a bustling, sleek, clean metropolis which stretches across the lush landscape and edges the planet's beautiful coastlines. It has been hailed as a near-utopian city that provides for hundreds of thousands of residents and travelers but produces very little pollution, has low crime rates, and rates high on the list of the Crest Sector's greatest cities. The Industrial Court, situated to the northeast of Tyton, is a nesting ground for factories, warehouses, shipping hangars, and all things industry-related, although Deysha has a fair amount of regulations to keep the area as environmentally-friendly and free of waste as possible. The planet's eastern hemisphere, which is mostly made up of coastlines, islands, and peninsulas, is the home of Trader's Point, one of the galaxy's most popular hubs for commerce, trading, and marketing. It features massive shipping docks that can accommodate massive ships, warehouses where goods are filtered through and shipped throughout the sector, and plazas where hundreds of people eagerly file through to shop and socialize. Duna City, to the northwest of Tyton, is nestled within a marshy area of the planet, and is known for having a more seedy reputation than the other major cities. It's often the crossroads for illegal or underground goods and services, and unwittingly serves as a safe haven for refugees, outlaws, and unsavory types. The beautiful Deyshian ocean connects all of the cities, and is well-known for its vibrantly shimmering blue waters which are often crossed by luxury boats and cruise liners.

Geography, Scenery, and Architecture


Map of Deysha-II showing Tyton, Industrial Court, Trader's Point, and Duna City

Images of Tyton:


Images of Trader's Point:

Images of Duna City:

Lifestyle and Technology


Deysha-II's famed Cruisers, a type of hovercraft made by the famous Deyshian automotive corporation Mayda. They run on the planet's unique and efficient electromagnetic roadways, and watercraft are designed to traverse the planet's pristine oceans quickly.

Deyshian soldiers, with their trademark neon blue insignias and targeting reticles, are armed with well-funded Deyshian technology. They range from the average grunt to elite specialists.

Deyshian spacecraft, featuring a Heavy Glider and a Fighter.

Notable People

Prime Minister Rystoff Paras


Hailed as a generous and good-spirited leader, Paras has served for a few years as Prime Minister after leading numerous successful businesses and political advisory committees across Deysha-II. He was born and raised in the prosperous economic ruling class of Tyton and received a dynamic education in all things business, political, and administrative. His professors would note that he was "too forgiving and gracious for any serious politics" when he was young. When running for office, he won the public over with his genuine kind-heartedness and willingness to respond to what the people wanted for Deysha. His critics put him down as an indulgent man who is slightly out of touch with the realities of the world around him.

Political Advisor Carros Deyn

Born and raised hardcore Deyshian military, Carros Deyn is the "brat" of the last Deyshian cabinet's Secretary of Military who retired a few years back. A couple political favors and a shrewd, cunning temperament put Deyn right in the Deyshian Ministry's back pocket, although he has proven himself invaluable as an advisor who seems to have nothing but the well-being of the colony in mind...for better or worse.

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PostSubject: Re: The Independent State of Deysha-II   Sun Mar 23, 2014 4:36 pm

Other Characters


A licensed commercial truck driver and interplanetary freighter pilot, "Rhino" tries to lead a simple, low-key life and just do his job like anyone else. He was caught up in the events of the rebel attack on Kytreon, a Novalysian planet that was part of his drop-off route, when he courageously fought alongside the Novalysian Vanguard to attempt to keep other civilians safe. He struggles daily to cope with his asthma and a bum knee.

Tyler Daxon

Old family photo of Tyler Daxon, his mom Joan, and dog Dash

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The Independent State of Deysha-II
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